How to Approach building your Website, a Step by Step Guide

Designing a new website can be a daunting task. We at Computerlog wish to take out the anxiety of this amazing process of creation – something we love and do it [...]

By |Design Strategies|

Finding Design Inspiration Offline

Designer’s block happens to the best of us- those frustrating moments when you run out of new ideas and feel utterly uninspired. Whether you are trying to design a new logo [...]

By |Design Strategies|

Understanding Social Media Platforms

Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, social media is vital to success in the competitive business market. However, navigating the ins and outs of social media can [...]

By |Social Media|

Blue Light : How it affects You

You may have heard the term “blue light” tossed around the workplace, at school, or in friendly conversation. Blue light, also known as high-energy visible (HEV) light, is a form of [...]

By |Tech News|

The Net Neutrality Repeal : What is it, Why is it Happening, and What does it mean for you?

What is Net Neutrality? Net neutrality: A regulation stating Internet providers can’t block or slow down websites or prioritize their content over others’. Under the principles of net neutrality, Internet service [...]

By |Tech News|

The Evolution of Instagram

Social media constantly evolves to fit the needs of influencers and daily users. Instagram, which, in 2010, began as a simple photo-sharing application, has transformed into a mobile powerhouse. At Instagram’s [...]

By |Social Media|


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