Designer’s block happens to the best of us- those frustrating moments when you run out of new ideas and feel utterly uninspired. Whether you are trying to design a new logo or write original content for your blog, what should be the simple act of getting started can turn into the hardest part of the process. Fortunately, inspiration comes from many sources and can be found in unlikely places. If you’re looking to re-spark your creativity, here are some easy steps you can take to find inspiration for your next design project.

The first step is to step away from your stationary computer. Diversifying your surroundings while working allows you to find inspiration in the most unexpected places. If you work from home, you may be smothering your creativity by working and living in the same environment. Making a simple change like working from a coffee shop once a week may help you get a different perspective on things. If you work from an office space, use your lunch break or off-time to explore new surroundings for inspiration. 

One of our favorite places to go to for motivation is any local bookstore. Bookstores are filled with inspiration, from books to posters. If you are looking for new ideas, walk around a bookstore and scan the magazines, book covers, and post cards. The best section to check out is the architectural and interior design books. Having a clean structure is very important in print and web design. Spend some time looking at the examples of color palettes, patterns, and design trends. All of these concepts can be incorporated into your web or graphic designs. Art supply stores are also very helpful. They offer a multitude of patterns and designs that can be found on fabrics, craft paper, and even wrapping paper.      

Get inspired by nature and pay close attention to your environment. It is said that art mimics nature’s beauty, so use your surroundings to your benefit. Look at the details of a flower or running water from a different perspective. For example, the details on a flower petal can be manipulated and turned into an abstract form for your next project. Focus on seeking out places you’ve never been to and approach your adventure as a creativity refresher course. Learn how to blend new designs with your favorite ‘go-to’ shapes and patterns. 

No matter where you go to find some needed inspiration, always be sure to carry a notebook or sketchbook with you. If you’re out and about, it’s much easier to write down your brilliant ideas as soon as you get them instead of hoping you’ll remember by the time you get home. You can even fill your notebook full of ads, stickers, fliers, or whatever else inspires you on a daily basis. Also, by keeping a journal, you will find yourself becoming less reliant on online resources. 

Your phone can also come in handy in moments of brilliance. Take photos of anything and everything that inspires you so that you can always have them on hand. By spending at least an hour taking photos of various things, you may see a helpful pattern emerge. Maybe you’ll find you connect with the color yellow, or to objects that are round. Once you have a better feel for your own personal tastes, you can better incorporate them into your designs.

Inspiration can be found almost anywhere. Hopefully you can use these tips to get that boost of creativity that you’ve been looking for. What inspires you?