With the number of available Apps for download from the world’s leading app stores totaling over four million, enterprises know all too well that a meticulous marketing strategy is the only way to stand out in today’s app market. While focusing on Mobile App Development and building an app that functions properly is a central factor for success, if users’ don’t know the product exists, your hard work is worthless.

Mobile App Marketing covers every user interaction from the moment they first learn about the product to when they become a loyal user. Marketing a Mobile App effectively involves defining a target audience, learning how to reach them, how to communicate with them, and analyzing their in-app behavior to make continuous improvements as users move through the acquisition funnel. Ultimately, the goal of a Mobile App Marketing strategy should be to acquire users that will not only drive repeat engagement but will also become loyal advocates for the product.

App Marketing – some Useful Strategies.

  1. Define the purpose of your Mobile App
  2. Validate your Distribution Channels
  3. Choose Your Revenue Model
  4. Take Great Screenshots of Your App Interface
  5. Do App Store optimization to get more downloads
  6. Use Guest Blogging to Promote your App
  7. App Launch making it Big
  8. Maintain The Hype: Get a Steady Stream of Review Websites to Cover Your App
  9. Apply for App Awards
  10. Resolve Negative Reviews Promptly.
  11. Consider offering a Promotional Price.