Project Description


Our Client – a proud owner of the No. 1 educational site in USA has been providing innovative solutions to students education needs. They guide you to the right course and institution for tertiary learning. They have been ushering students to make informed decisions about higher education and influencing career choices of  USA next generation of leaders.


Our Client wanted to update their website, they wanted a site that would offer a compelling user experience across multiple devices and have a streamlined admission process. They also wanted to enhance the website’s existing design, optimize layout and the User Interface.

Academic Advisor has a huge catalogue of sections and sub-sections. The old site had major usability issues and was extremely difficult to use on mobile devices. Being a content driven platform, Client also wanted to generate revenue from Google AdSense as early as possible from the campaign.

So, Computerlog™  was invited to develop a strategy that would enable our client to create and sustain a high quality website / mobile app.

  • We worked with them to redesign and redevelop website with a particular focus on ensuring users are guided to college and course information they’re looking for.
  • The website has been built in WordPress. Additional features of the site included a custom WordPress plugin developed to provide college catalog information within the context of the website.
  • Computerlog™ faced a major hiccup while upgrading to a new version of the same external database, which was handled carefully and the DB migration was done swiftly with our professional back-end team.
  • For any established consultancy, the creation of a website consistent with their brand identity is paramount. Our Client is no exception, and our focus was placed on conveying the balance between professionalism and a relaxed work ethic. We’re delighted to have helped our client redesign and rebuild their website from scratch.