Cloud Data Centres are those with higher levels of virtualization, standardization, automation, and security than traditional Data Centres. A cloud-based server offers increased performance, higher capacity, and greater ease of cloud servers management compared with traditional Data Centre hosting.

Most Cloud Hosting Providers offer Virtualization as a catalyst for hardware and software consolidation, greater automation, and an integrated security approach to Cloud Hosting Services In USA.

Services we offer are as follows

  1. Core or traditional data canter services
  2. Managed hosting services
  3. Manage Services
  4. Manage Security Services
  5. Asset Lifecycle Management Services
  6. Architecture Design services
  7. Migration services

ComputerLog™ database administration team will provide service on the below areas also

  • Perform routine maintenance activities
  • Perform monitoring of all the database servers
  • Provide regular support to maintain uptime for all the Oracle/MS databases installed on it
  • Perform troubleshooting of any issues that come up and provide RCA of the issues and recommendations to avoid such issues in future
  • Effective alert mechanisms
  • Proactive health check assessments
  • Plan and Implement regular backups for Oracle/MS databases instances
  • Provide Regular reports to the client on overall health check for the systems
  • Quarterly patching schedule will be defined and all the relevant patches will be part of that exercise
  • Perform Performance tuning for the relevant databases
  • Planned database refreshes

Computerlog™ will include an additional 150 consulting hours for any new initiatives as part of this standard support. This can include setting up new databases, new upgrades and any last-minute requests to name a few.