Social media constantly evolves to fit the needs of influencers and daily users. Instagram, which, in 2010, began as a simple photo-sharing application, has transformed into a mobile powerhouse. At Instagram’s time of purchase by Facebook in 2012, the application had already established over 80 million users. With the stage set for success, Facebook commenced its development of the application, forming it into the social media giant we know today.

Instagram has gone through several phases- it’s initial release allowed users to post square images and edit them with limited filters like X-Pro II and Earlybird. Later, the application’s filters were updated, the system was upgraded, and in-app features were released. Now, Instagram provides users with an incredibly unique platform. The application has introduced programs like Instagram Stories and Boomerang (which deliver a result similar to Snapchat), allows for sponsored advertisements (like Facebook and LinkedIn), and even lets users connect with businesses utilizing programs like the in-app shopping experience. Would it be correct to say that Instagram offers the best of all media applications? Quite possibly!

As of recent, Instagram has considered incorporating additional creative concepts into its design. Currently, Instagram offers 60-second-long videos to be posted on a user’s account. In order to appeal to social media influencers, Instagram now seeks to offer videos up to 60-minutes, and even create in-app original video series. The application may also start a section similar to Snapchat Discover, which offers video content relevant to specific users. Longer video capabilities would allow for Instagram to satisfy all of the needs of social media influencers, rather than relying on YouTube as an additional platform. Social media influencers typically have a larger following on Instagram, due to its visually-focused attributes, easy accessibility, and straightforward design. In turn, marketers utilizing YouTube will move advertisements onto the Instagram platform, allowing Instagram to collect video ad revenue.

With now over 600 million users, Instagram is popular for both personal and brand use, making it the second most popular application in the world (next to Facebook). If Instagram implements these components into their application, it may soon evolve into the first.