Did you know that Twitter has 316 million active users and 79% of them recommend a brand that they follow? Many companies especially B2B, overlook Twitter in their social media marketing strategies, assuming that their brand and services are ill-suited for promotion across the real-time platform.

But in Reality, Twitter presents a huge opportunity for businesses to develop relationships with their targeted audience and convert them into brand advocates. What’s required, however, is the consistent creation of original, engaging content that attracts and delights followers and converts them into leads and customers.

At Computerlog™, we help you develop a comprehensive organic and paid Twitter marketing strategy that will boost your bottom line. Our Twitter marketing strategies drive brand awareness, and meet your social marketing goals by participating in trending topics and Twitter chats, scheduling curated and original content tweets, engaging with your followers, and creating highly targeted paid advertisements. We have experience managing successful Twitter advertising campaigns on behalf of companies across a variety of industries, such as technology, SaaS, and E-commerce.

We will provide guidance on how to use your Twitter profile effectively to attract new sales or leads for your business.

  • Attract your audience with right method.
  • Engage with audiences in real-time.
  • Interaction with global audience.
  • Provide guidance on how to market through Twitter.
  • Generating more sales online through a strategy.